Greiner Visor

Professional facial protection against COVID-19

A plastic visor for reliable everyday protection

Greiner Assistec is now supplying a high-quality face covering for various lines of work – the Greiner Visor. The new face shield offers maximum protection against all types of fluids and droplets. This reduces the risk of infection with COVID-19 for the heroes of our new day-to-day lives. By offering this product, Greiner Assistec is building on its core area of expertise as a plastics processor to play its part in overcoming the crisis – whether the shield is used to protect a company’s own employees or as a practical giveaway.

Our mission

Mastering extremes together

We are driven by complexity – even in normal circumstances. During the current COVID-19 crisis, we are focused on overcoming the extreme situations we’re encountering together with our customers and the whole of society. For us, this means taking a rapid, flexible approach to make precisely those products that are needed right now. One example is a face shield that provides reliable protection against fluids and droplets, and therefore against COVID-19 as well. The Greiner Visor has already proven itself in use, offering clear visibility and protection against the virus in one. Thanks to short delivery times, the fact that it’s comfortable to wear, and flexible size adjustment, the visor is exactly the right product at the right time.

Highly flexible face protection that offers proven comfort.

The Greiner Visor may be new, but it’s already proven itself as a popular face shield in practical use:

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Extremely comfortable thanks to low weight
  • Adjusts flexibly to any head size
  • Very simple and hygienic cleaning process
  • High-quality materials, long service life

A nose/mouth shield for safety in day-to-day work.

In producing the Greiner Visor, the team at Greiner Assistec is taking advantage of our core area of expertise – processing plastics – to deliver a product we have pioneered ourselves. In this situation, we see this both as a challenge and our duty. We believe we can overcome the COVID-19 crisis by sticking together, which is why we’re taking on a share of the responsibility for ensuring the safety of people in Europe. We applaud everyone who has a really tough job to do out there right now – whether in the health-care sector, the police, or as part of the food supply chain.

Right now, those of us working in hospitals are grateful for any professional protective equipment and any face protection we can get at short notice. And it’s all the better if we can obtain it in sufficient quantities from a local manufacturer with a reputation for quality. With Greiner Assistec, you can tell the team has the flexibility and absolute determination to do everything possible to keep things going day after day.
Markus Pöltenstein
CEO, Rudolf Heintel Gesellschaft m.b.H

A flexible response. Rapid deliveries.

The Greiner Visor face shield was developed spontaneously in response to the current situation, and production started immediately. It’s now available for delivery at short notice:

  • Delivery in pallets of 480 units each
  • Minimum purchase quantity: one pallet
  • One pallet contains 12 cartons of 40 units each
  • Face shields for own consumption, as giveaways, or donations in kind

Medical personnel

Featuring Class 1 eye protection in accordance with DIN EN 166 standards, the Greiner Visor is ideally suited for use in hospitals. The face shield offers doctors and nursing staff the protection they need, even when working in direct contact with patients infected with COVID-19.

Public authorities

Whether they be police, civil protection, or other official personnel, the Greiner Visor offers public authorities appropriate facial protection in their day-to-day work and in the associated contact with citizens who may be infected.

Food supply and retail

From dairies and food production facilities to serving counters at butchers and bakeries – the Greiner Visor protects food products, colleagues, and customers alike.