Back | 12/05/2017

Best water for the best taste

BWT / Filter candle

Not all water tastes the same. Different local circumstances greatly affect taste and quality, and it is precisely in the sensitive gourmet and vending market that consistently high-quality water is a prerequisite for a financially successful business. Flavored products such as specialty coffees profit from optimized water and the operating life of water-processing machines is prolonged through high-quality water. The Austrian company BWT, with its product line for optimizing untreated water, offers efficient solutions for the most varied applications – and also relies on the support of Greiner Assistec for its products. For a new size of filter candle used for water treatment, Greiner Assistec produces two plastic parts that are then filled and welded at BWT. Above all, the demanding requirements with respect to tolerances and burst pressure tests must be met.

“The components from Greiner Assistec play an important part in the high quality of our products, so we are glad to have a partner that we can depend on in every respect”

says Walter Brenneis of BWT. The filter candles are being launched on to the market and will be distributed worldwide.