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Dorel / Spout for baby bottles

No longer babies, but still too small to use their own glass? Spouts made of silicone are particularly suitable for small children who still like sucking on a bottle, but who are older than the typical bottle-feeding age. The Canadian company Dorel has just re-designed its range of baby bottles under its French brand, Bébé Confort. Its spout solution with a ventilation valve makes it almost virtually drip-proof. This also marked their first collaboration with Greiner Assistec, which has established itself as an expert in injection molding in the last few years.

Being part of Greiner Packaging, Greiner Assistec ranks among suppliers offering the complete package. This makes it possible to give customers completely finished items consisting of several components made using the most diverse technologies. A partner responsible for the entire implementation that ensures that all components are available at the right time and in the required quality and fit perfectly. This is still the exception, especially in the OEM business.

“It’s a huge advantage for us if we can efficiently complete a project with just one partner. Being able to rely on the complete solutions of Greiner for our baby bottles now as well is a perfect solution,”

says Dimitar Georgiev, senior buyer at Dorel. The spouts will be commercially available in Spring 2018 and will be sold in France and in exporting countries.



  • Material: LSR
  • Technology: Liquid injection molding