Back | 12/14/2018

Mastering complexity

A new strategy for Greiner Assistec

Using chances, seizing opportunities, minimizing risks, strengthening independence: In the past few months, Greiner Assistec has been working hard on developing a new strategy in order to carve a clearly defined path into the future.

With its present strategy, Greiner Assistec will be meeting the future with clear ideas and values as well as ambitious objectives. The guiding motto is: Mastering complexity – we have the future under control.

And in order to shape and create the future of the company in a way that is consistent with these objectives, a strategy consisting of four different core elements will be used: assist, solution provider, technology integrator, and long-term partnerships.

“We are the decathlete of the industry,” says Karl Berger, Vice-President of Assistec, who knows exactly where the strengths of his sector and his employees lie. “We have set ourselves ambitious targets and have collaboratively established how we want to achieve this. Instead of striving for expertise in one discipline, we want to tap our extensive technological know-how and innovative services and offer our customers more than just plastic parts: We are striving for long-term partnerships in promising business sectors and markets.” These markets primarily include sectors that promise the greatest possible potential and in which customers can be optimally served. These categories are not carved in stone, however, and are regularly examined and adjusted, if necessary. The target markets include the sectors smart environments, toys, automotive, office, trays & boxes, non-food packaging, and life science.


Planning strategically at the global level, doing business independently at the local level
Greiner Assistec’s locations operate independently and with a great degree of freedom in a network of independent companies. Standardizing and harmonizing critical processes guarantee consistently high quality for the international customers of the company.

solution provider

Understanding sectors and customers, developing custom solutions
As a solution provider, Greiner Assistec knows the needs of its customers, understands their problems and, based on this knowledge, develops tailored and individual proposals.

technology integrator

Expanding existing expertise intelligently, creating unique offers
Anyone wishing to be successful in a globalized market with a wide-ranging product portfolio must be able to combine different technologies cleverly and innovatively, and Greiner Assistec is aware of this. Its professional know-how is enabling the company to become just such a technology integrator, with the objective of being able to offer customers unique solutions with added value in the market.

long-term partnerships

Offering distinctive services, being more than a supplier
Among its customers and suppliers as well as its employees, Greiner Assistec strives for long-term partnerships within and outside the company in order to profit from years of know-how.