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do the innovation

Service Portfolio

Dealing with complexity is the daily business of Greiner Assistec! Our customers need specific plastic solutions tailored precisely to their needs. We are therefore committed not to producing our own products but to devoting all our energy to working out perfect solutions for the products of our customers.

Greiner Assistec customers profit from our expertise in five core areas:

Added value through smart product development.


Greiner Assistec offers customized solutions – from the plastic part to the entire component. Each of our products must meet individual requirements. We work out these requirements and create appropriate optimal production solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

We stand ready to advise our customers throughout the product development phase and demonstrate early on what is technically feasible and what the limitations are.

Anything is possible


Greiner Assistec relies on a large number of plastic production technologies. This technological versatility ensures that our customers receive objective advice ideally tailored to their individual needs.
This technological diversity is continuously being expanded through regular investments, benefiting all of our customers.

Liquid Injection Molding Liquid Injection Molding

Liquid Injection Molding

Liquid Injection Molding
A two component liquid silicon rubber (LSR) is pumped to a mixing station via a dosing unit. Following it is injected into a heated mold. LSR possesses excellent thermal characteristics and has no plasticizers at all. It is also tasteless, odorless, and biocompatible.

Material: two component liquid silicon rubber (LSR)
Products: seals, pacifiers,…

Injection Molding Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Plastic granulate is melted, injected into the desired shape under pressure, cooled, and automatically extracted or ejected.  Almost every shape, even those with undercuts, can be manufactured using the injection molding procedure.

We use injection molding machines with a clamping force from 25 to 1.000 tonnes.

Materials used: primarily PP, PS, PE, PA and PC as well as fiber-reinforced materials
Products: parts for toner containers, household-, DYI- and personal care appliances

Extrusion Blow Molding Extrusion Blow Molding

Extrusion Blow Molding

A tube is extruded, cut off, and transferred to a shaping tool where it is inflated with compressed air.

Materials used: PE and PP

Products: containers, covers for cutting edges,  downtake tubes and tanks

Injection Stretch Blow Molding Injection Stretch Blow Molding

Injection Stretch Blow Molding

The granulate is melted and injection-molded into a preform that already has the finished opening of the product. The preform is then stretched forward in a second tool and, using high pressure, blown into the blow molds for the finished product. Injection and blowing are done as part of a process, so that the residual heat in the preform can be used efficiently.

Materials used: primarily PP and PS

Products: products for the toy and chemical industry

Sheet Thermoforming Sheet Thermoforming

Sheet Thermoforming

The extruded film (0,15 to 2 mm thin) is fed from the roll to the thermoforming machine where it is heated. The thermo-elastic sheet is then stretched forward in the tool and molded by compressed air and vacuum, cooled down and punched.
The products are ejected and stacked, then further processed or packed, depending on the respective application. The skeleton sheet can be grounded right at the machine and later be processed as raw material during sheet extrusion. This technology results in products with a size of up to 760 x 500 mm.

Materials used:
thermoelastic sheets made of PS, PP, PE, PET, R-PET

e.g. blisters and trays

Plate Thermoforming Plate Thermoforming

Plate Thermoforming

Plastic plates (up to 1.5 x 2.5 m) from plastics that can be shaped in a thermally softened state are processed on vacuum-forming machines. After a cooling phase, the thermoformed products are processed using a CNC-controlled five-axis milling machine, giving them their final outer contour and recesses. Thermoforming lacquered and decorated plates give products high-gloss surfaces, metallic, carbon look, or root wood effects, as well as a modern look (e.g., brushed aluminum).

Materials used: ABS, PMMA, PP, PS, ASA

Products: primarily housings, cladding, transport containers, components with metal inserts

Twin-sheet procedure: Two plastic plates are held in a common tensioning frame and heated on each side to a thermoelastic state. Afterwards, they are simultaneously deformed in the upper and lower tools and welded together. The two plates can be of differing strengths and exhibit different colors and contours.

Products: primarily reusable pallets

Pad Printing Pad Printing

Pad Printing

A pad gets ink from an inked plate and transfers it onto the article being printed. Up to four colors are applied consecutively onto the base material.

Laser Marking Laser Marking

Laser Marking

Lasers can be used to give plastic parts lettering and markings. Surface engravings or colorizations can be done depending on the material and the laser parameter settings. Even markings without tactile indentation on the surface can be done. Laser labeling is abrasion-, heat-, and acid-resistant.

You fully concentrate
on what is most important to you


Assembly work is time-consuming and wage-intensive. We are happy to take over this process step for our customers. Part by part, we seamlessly put together plastic produced in house as well as parts from outside suppliers using screws, joining, welding, or industrial adhesive. Only the right interplay among the parts will result in a proper ensemble. At the end of this process, our customers receive complete, precise components, swiftly and reliably from a single point of contact.


Your products are readily available with constant flexibility


Customer-oriented logistic concepts successfully master the balancing act between flexibility, cost optimization, and punctuality. Being a part of Greiner Packaging gives us access to a wide range of facilities and sites. This allows us to stay close to our customers so we can address their requirements individually, guaranteeing fulfillment of all three of these critical aspects.

We use modern logistic concepts such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or SCI (Supplier Controlled Inventory) to ensure efficient and transparent inventory for ourselves and our customers.

Greiner Assistec offers optimal transport concepts for products as well – we produce everything from trays to complex reusable containers at the highest standard.

logistical interfaces
You have a strong Partner by your side


Choosing Greiner Assistec means choosing optimal service. Our experienced project managers remain available to our local and international customers throughout the entire product development process and can answer any queries.

Aside from our skilled employees, our customers also benefit from our extensive network of contacts that we can offer, for sourcing machine tools, for instance.

We have all the relevant production technologies and are represented in the most varied markets. This breadth allows us to give our customers different perspectives and to provide objective advice.

The lightweight for
big challenges


Greiner Assistec offers customer-specific solutions! There are therefore no standard products in our service portfolio with the exception of our Greiner Assistec pallets, standardized to the highest degree!
We offer four pallet models, disposable and reusable, with different payloads and including electrically conductive designs. Our plastic European-dimension pallets (1200 x 800 x 145 mm) are made of recycled materials. They are light, hygienic, recyclable, and ideal for automatic conveyor systems.

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