Eyes on the prize

09.02.2023 | 2 Minuten Lesezeit
Raphaela Dopona

Just like Greiner Assistec, rally star Julius Tannert sets the pace in his field, raising the bar for himself and others time and time again.

So it comes as no surprise to hear that he has been presented with yet another award – this time by German automotive association ADAC Saxony. We spoke to Julius about this distinction and what it means to him.

Congratulations on your award, Julius. Could you explain what exactly it is for?

Julius: Yes, it’s one of the special pins that ADAC presents in recognition of outstanding sporting achievement. I was awarded a gold pin after coming third in the German Rally Championship.

This is just one of many accolades that have come your way. For you, does it end 2022 on a high note or does it motivate you to hit the ground running in 2023?

Julius: In a sport where you have to deal with not always being able to win, being chosen for an award is a real highlight. Apart from standing on the podium after winning a big event, it’s these moments that really motivate you to perform at your best again and again.


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What does it mean to you personally to receive an award from ADAC Saxony?

Julius: It means the world to me. After all, ADAC Saxony – the ADAC regional club from my home state of Saxony – was one of my first partners and sponsors when I began my career as a rally driver.
I see this award as recognition not just of my performance throughout the past season but of everything I have achieved since we first teamed up together. Not to mention the positive image of ADAC and its active contribution to sport that is being projected throughout the media.

Looking back on your other successes – your wins, awards and accolades – which one was the most important to you?

Julius: Winning the World Rally Championship in Germany and Corsica – those were definitely among the greatest moments of my career. And of course coming first in the hometown rally in Zwickau exactly ten years after making my debut.

Greiner Assistec is no stranger to awards either, having been voted Supplier of the Year and established itself as a Sustainable Solution Provider. But how important is it for you, as a sportsman, to be singled out like this?

Julius: Awards and accolades are important to me and it feels great to be on the receiving end. But at the same time, nothing can compare with the feeling of being first past the finishing line at a rally. After all, as a top performer, you always have your eyes on the prize!
Particularly in recent years, it’s often been incredibly close – sometimes even a tenth of a second between winning and losing – and it all comes down to the special stage. And that’s where emotions really run high!

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