Producing customized plastic parts


    As a classic converter, we take over the existing tools of our customers and efficiently implement specified projects.


    As a manufacturer, we take over the process development, technology selection,assembly and the entire supply chain.

    Solution Provider

    As a solution provider, we also assume responsibility for the development and optimization of the manufacturing process.


    As a co-designer, we develop new products together with the customer.

    Customized plastic parts, intelligently produced

    Take a seat! You can count on our expertise to get you to your destination safely and at full throttle.

    Whether the order of the day is thermoforming, extrusion blow molding, injection molding, or assembling, we master every complexity at all stages of a project.

    What sets us apart? Experience #greinerperformance now.

    Greiner Assistec is like a rally team.

    First, we set you up with the perfect car for the road ahead, then we work together, navigating from stage to stage quickly, safely, and with deft control – all the way to the finish line.
    We call this #greinerperformance.

    Long-term partnerships

    Mutual trust – the foundation our relationships are built on

    Whether looking after customers or working together in a rally car, trust is fundamental and provides the foundation for all our partnerships. Greiner Assistec will be there at your side, supporting you as a partner and advisor on all matters connected with the development of your customized plastic parts, products, and components. And even when your finish line is within reach, we will stay on hand to help you navigate the most direct route as effectively as possible. From the first bend to the very last second, Greiner Assistec will be there to support you – because the ultimate prize for us is the chance to team up with you again in the future.

    Julius: “Working closely as a team ensures our best performance on every stretch of the route.”

    Key to maximum performance? A professional team and the perfect setup

    Performance Enabler

    Our service – tailored to your requirements

    As well as knowing how to get you over the finish line, we are also here to help you maximize your performance. When you work with Greiner Assistec, we will consult, plan, and realize the plastic parts and products you need. What this means for you is taking the direct route to a successful finish and achieving great results by building on multiple smaller achievements, stage by stage.

    Julius: "The relationship with my co-driver is fundamental to our success. Absolute trust is vital."

    In the world of rallying, all the individual parts have to fit together perfectly

    Mastering complexity

    We are committed to handling your complex needs with unrivalled expertise

    At Greiner Assistec, we specialize in mastering the complexity involved when multiple parts interact. From taking the first measurements to applying the finishing touches, our experience shines through. Together with our expertise in innovation, this allows us to handle whatever complexities your project demands. Greiner Assistec will combine all the necessary parts in perfect alignment so that you can reach your goals.

    Julius: “Expertly managing the interaction between materials and people is what makes us champions.“

    Ever got to know a real rally driver?

    Now is your chance. Read our interview with the immensely likeable German rally driver Julius Tannert and immerse yourself in the world of rallying.

    High-tech, hands-on

    Greiner Assistec has a reputation for reliable technology and systems that combine attention to detail with the very best performance. Greiner Assistec gets stuck in, takes action, and has the courage to confront even the toughest challenges, delivering real results in every situation.

    Julius: "Driving this car with confidence is more than just a series of physical maneuvers. It takes deep understanding."

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