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Greiner Visor
Greiner Visor
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Baby bottle

People are living longer and longer. In 2060, life expectancy in the European Union will be 89.1 years for women and 84.6 years for men, according to the OECD. But as well as getting older, people are also aging later in life. Today’s older people are more active, more mobile, and have more spending power than their forebears – and their younger counterparts are making an effort to keep this trend going into their own senior years. Sales of health and personal protective products are booming, leading to a surge in demand for items for which hygiene, cleanliness, safety, traceability, and documentation are critical requirements.

At Greiner Assistec, the life sciences category includes medical devices, baby care products, personal protective equipment, and food contact products. As well as producing the individual parts for these products, Greiner Assistec also assembles and finishes them where requested, putting stable production processes, precision, and superior quality at the top of the agenda.

Trends and developments in the life sciences industry

The life sciences are a broad category, and Greiner Assistec brings together a number of different market segments and products under this banner. The trends worth taking into consideration are similarly diverse:

PPE to combat COVID-19

Wearing a face mask that covers the mouth and nose has now become standard everyday practice for many groups of professionals in order to protect employees, patients, and customers from COVID-19. There are strict rules in place, with additional protection required in many instances where proper physical distancing is impossible to maintain. These efforts are intended to equally ensure the safety of employees, patients, and customers. Greiner Assistec has now come up with an answer to these new requirements in various lines of work by offering the Greiner Visor – a high-quality face shield that provides protection against all types of fluids and droplets. The team at Greiner Assistec took advantage of our core area of expertise – processing plastics – to create and deliver this product in March 2020 with the aim of protecting individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will safeguard those who need to continue performing their jobs despite the virus, whether in public authorities, the medical field, or the food supply and retail sector.

Health care

More and more people are living longer – and taking their health seriously as a result. The idea of taking a proactive rather than a reactive approach is motivating sections of the population around the world to make regular efforts to get or stay healthy. From dietary supplements to fitness trackers, there seem to be new product innovations coming onto the market on an almost daily basis. At the same time, the health care systems in many nations are only developing at a slow rate. These countries are searching for new solutions to enable as many people as possible to access these services. The digital revolution must not be overlooked in the pharmaceutical sector either. A growing number of tech start-ups are seizing the moment and competing against the established firms with new applications. Greiner Assistec is well aware of these trends. The plastics experts provide customized solutions in the form of high-quality parts and components to meet almost every customer need.

Infant and toddler care

Global trends are also reflected in the way we bring up our children, with sustainability also becoming increasingly important in the baby industry, for instance. We want toys, clothes, and personal care products to be produced in a green and responsible way for the sake of our children and our planet. The increase in demand for organic products falls under the same category. Equally, technical gadgets and innovative devices are intended to make it easier to supervise, look after, and entertain young children, while convenience products also help to save time. In addition, more and more products are purchased online, giving e-commerce an increasingly important role – especially in the baby care market. Greiner Assistec has proven to be a reliable partner for its customers in this area too. Where requested, innovative parts and components can be jointly developed with the plastics experts, whose tried-and-tested technologies guarantee plastic solutions capable of accommodating sensitive needs.

Greiner Visor

Reliable everyday protection

Greiner Assistec is now supplying an innovative, high-quality face covering for various lines of work – the Greiner Visor. The face shield provides maximum protection against all types of fluids and droplets. This reduces the risk of COVID-19 infection as employees go about their day-to-day work.

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