Appliances market: from simple parts to complex assemblies
Milk froth system
Milk froth system
Milk carafe
Milk carafe
Condensation water tanks
Condensation water tanks

White goods such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and ovens as well as appliances like coffee makers, kettles, and mixers are made of a wide variety of plastic parts and assemblies. These fall under the appliances market category at Greiner Assistec, which not only produces the parts but assembles and finishes them as well if desired. Greiner Assistec works especially closely with its customers in this category, with several locations in eastern Europe ensuring that we are in close proximity to numerous producers.

Trends and developments in the appliances segment

The appliances market is growing continuously. This development is primarily down to three key trends, which are set to become even more significant in the coming years:


More and more devices will be connected to one another in the future; the home is becoming an integrated system. The keyword here is “smart environment,” and according to industry plans, more than 50 percent of all devices produced will be equipped with an Internet connection by 2040.


While household appliances simply fulfilled a practical function at one time, they are now playing an increasingly prominent role in homes and apartments. For this reason, the devices’ designs are becomingly more and more important and often need to meet demanding criteria.


New function, new appliance. The development of innovative technologies, which are taking over existing ones at an ever-increasing pace, is also causing household appliances to be replaced sooner than before. A new device has to continually offer new functions and innovative capacities if it is to impress consumers. This means the development process never stops – new ideas are in demand.

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Examples of best practice: end-to-end solution

Greiner Assistec has produced a number of milk frothing systems, which serve as a perfect example of our services in the appliances category. These systems stand out not only thanks to their look, but also because they are simple to use and particularly easy to clean.

Various production technologies – including injection molding, silicone injection molding, injection stretch blow molding, and thermoforming – are combined during production at a number of locations. The various parts are then brought together to form an assembly. Greiner Assistec also takes care of the decorating processes such as printing, laser engraving, and labeling. This means the entire assembly can be supplied by a single source.