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Building Technologies market: wide-ranging applications with bright prospects
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Smoke detector
Smoke detector
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Greiner Assistec meets the needs of the Building Technologies market with its building automation, fire protection, building security, and operating infrastructure divisions. To this end, it produces plastic parts and solutions for building services control units, heating systems, and fire alarms as well as sprinkler, alarm, and electrical systems.

The challenges of the Building Technologies market

The Building Technologies market is driven by innovation. Smart home applications in particular – which also involve linking up Building Technology systems via the Internet – are playing an ever-greater role and making related projects more complex. The functionality of electronics incorporated in plastic parts is increasing, resulting in tight delivery schedules and short product life cycles.

Customers usually determine the design of the individual plastic parts themselves and rely on Greiner Assistec to supply the plastic parts and tools. Supply security and delivery reliability play an especially important role here, but it’s also highly important that parts are of a consistent color and that transparent parts are flawless and intact. As a result, comprehensive quality inspections and documentation are essential in this sector.

Trends and developments in the Building Technologies segment

Customers’ needs are closely aligned with market trends, and Greiner Assistec responds to these needs with its range of products and services. Surface design features with sensor technology are becoming increasingly prominent in the smart home segment. For this reason, we are carrying out an in-house project that examines ways sensors can be ideally integrated into plastic parts. Electromagnetic shielding of the produced parts and their flame resistance must also be given greater consideration. MRSA-resistant surface coatings – that is, coatings that counteract “hospital germs” – are also set to become more significant in the future.

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Examples of best practice: implementing smart solutions

Product and process qualifications are in especially high demand in this sector, and handling logistics also plays a key role. Greiner Assistec’s references include a broad range of successfully implemented projects. Read more about a few examples of best practice in our online magazine.