Added values in plastics processing

Custom finishing for bespoke parts

Greiner Assistec not only takes charge of the customized production of plastic parts and assemblies, we are also specialists in finishing products in line with individual specifications. We provide end-to-end solutions from a single source: Added values give parts that extra touch and are seamlessly integrated into our range of production processes – whether in-line or off-line.

The procedures and processes that are best-suited to a project are determined by our project management team in close coordination with the customer. This step prioritizes taking a custom approach to each particular project. It is important to us to share our expert advice with our customers and to find exactly the right solution to suit their diverse needs and specifications. For the same reason, we also seek to continuously expand our portfolio. We are able to combine our added values with different materials and technologies to best suit our customers’ requirements.

Added values for special characteristics

We use the term “added values” to refer to processes and technologies that give the parts and assemblies we produce an extra touch.

Smart Automation

The objective of automation is to replicate manual tasks with as much flexibility and as little investment as possible. We optimize our processes from manual steps all the way through to semiautomated or fully automated processes.


Greiner Assistec has made a name for itself as a high-quality assembling partner in the plastics sector. We put together both plastic parts produced in-house and bought-in parts using screws, joints, welding, or industrial adhesive. We carry out the assembly of simple parts as well as complete assemblies or more complex parts – precisely, quickly, and reliably. It makes no difference to us whether the individual components involved have been produced by Greiner Assistec or not – when requested by our customers, we will also suggest alternative suppliers of particular parts that are not produced by Greiner Assistec.


We take sustainability seriously. That’s why we also offer our customers the opportunity to return products to us after they have been used. We clean and reprocess the products before preparing them for another cycle of use. It’s important to us that remanufactured products offer the same performance and quality as new products. We develop the machines and tools required for this in house at our company. Automation and innovation are paramount in everything we do.
We take care of: 

  • Designing complex solutions tailored to our customers’ specific needs
  • Developing and setting up the required tools for the process
  • Environmentally-friendly waste management


Depending on the customer’s specific project, we use different welding processes to join individual plastic parts together.

  • Hot plate welding: A hot plate is used to fuse the parts together.
  • Ultrasonic welding: The parts are joined together using ultrasound waves.
  • Vibration welding: The vibration welding technique joins two parts using the heat generated by vibration.


We offer an extensive range of options for finishing or decorating parts after production. These include hot stamping, pad printing, and screen printing.


This involves follow-up processes to plate Thermoforming, such as milling or punching.

Laser engraving

This process is used to create engraved designs or color changes. The marks produced by lasers are resistant to abrasion, heat, and acids.

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