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About us

About us

We grow with our challenges. That’s why we at Greiner Assistec see complexity as a driving force rather than an obstacle. We serve as a perfect sounding board for our customers, working together with them to develop tailored plastic parts, products, and components. We then produce and implement these using selected technologies. Our portfolio of technologies is very diverse, so we can make use of the most suitable technology that fits the respective project – or offer alternative production options upon request. In doing so, optimized production processes are a given for us. The needs of our customers and the markets are the focus of everything we do.

We supply our customers from five locations around the world: Kremsmünster in Austria, Březová in the Czech Republic, Grodzisk Mazowiecki in Poland, Leresti in Romania, and Monterrey in Mexico. This puts us exactly where our customers need us – so we can guarantee short transportation routes and organize projects rapidly.

As part of global company Greiner AG, we are proud to have a successful history of more than 150 years. Greiner Assistec is a business unit of Greiner Packaging, which makes us an integral part of a strong corporate group. As a result, we have access to a broad spectrum of technologies around the world.

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Key figures 2022

The key figures listed here refer to Greiner Packaging. As a business unit of Greiner Packaging, Greiner Assistec contributes substantially to the company’s success.
4.911 (2022)


(mio. €)
80 (2022)

Operating Cash Flow before changes in Working Capital

(mio. €)
55 (2022)


(mio. €)
4.911 (2022)


Why Greiner Assistec?

Austrian family business Greiner Assistec is a true “one-stop shop.” By offering solutions from a single source, we help our customers reduce the number of interfaces they work with and save internal resources. In doing so, we facilitate processes that are efficient in terms of time and costs.

Nobody knows the market like our customers do – and based on our close-knit product network, we know exactly which approaches they pursue in every part of the world. Working closely together lets us develop shared solutions and offer optimal production processes to match. In this way, we always take current trends and technology concepts into account.

Our advantage:

  • We rely on state-of-the-art technologies in the field of plastics processing and offer ideal solutions as a result.
  • Optimized processes and maximized productivity guarantee the level of quality that our customers expect, along with high efficiency.
  • Investing in new technologies and manufacturing high-performance production cells are a matter of course for us.
  • We achieve the right degree of automation for every product by offering smart, flexible solutions as well as full automation – tailored to the needs of our customers.

Vision & mission

Our vision

Greiner Assistec is the leading partner for industrial customers who are looking to procure technical solutions for plastic parts.


Our mission

We work closely with our customers to devise the best solution so we can develop and produce complex plastic parts and assemblies. We support our customers not only during engineering and production, but in every stage of the entire supply chain.


Our values

  • Customer focus: Your partner.
  • Solution-oriented: Your answer.
  • Trust: Your spirit.

Key figures - Greiner Assistec by the numbers

In the course of its over 150-year history as a family business, Greiner has grown from a small general store into a world-leading group of companies with nearly 11,000 employees in 30 countries. As a Greiner company, Greiner Assistec can be proud of a long history characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit, creative potential, and courage.

1868: The Greiner family business is founded

The family business is born when Carl Albert Greiner and his wife Emilie open a small general store in Nürtingen, Germany.

1960: Greiner Packaging takes off

Greiner Assistec is a business unit of Greiner Packaging. This company gets its start in 1960, when cork and foam manufacturer Greiner purchases two Injection molding machines. Twist caps for bottle closures, spouts, pill packaging, and round tins are among Greiner Packaging’s first products and represent the starting point for plastic packaging that meets the very highest standards.

2006: The Assistec business unit is established

The Greiner Assistec business unit originates from the “technical components” production area, which has been part of the company for many years. Thanks to this new business unit, customer needs can be met in an even more targeted way.

2010: First business activities in North America

Greiner Assistec opens its first location outside Europe in Monterrey, Mexico, after developing the market in cooperation with an international customer. As a result, Greiner Assistec now does business at a total of six locations worldwide.

2019: 1,350-metric-ton injection molding machines put into operation

The largest Injection molding machine across the Greiner group of companies goes online at Greiner Assistec’s location in Monterrey. The machine produces casing components

2021: Life-cycle management introduced

Life-cycle management functions are set up at every Greiner Assistec location to help the company make progress with its structured optimization efforts. They are tasked with providing guidance from start of production (SOP) to end of life (EOL).