Automotive market: series parts pave the way to the future
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The automotive market is booming: The industry is on the up thanks to annual increases in car sales worldwide as well as the continuing trend toward vehicles with premium features – regardless of the price range. Greiner Assistec has extensive experience in this sector, and we focus on continually enhancing our skills to ensure we can provide our customers with the best possible support as the industry makes the change to electric vehicles and autonomous driving.

We primarily produce operating equipment and series parts for interior and external applications in motor and commercial vehicles. This calls for comprehensive, industry-specific expertise, a broad range of technologies, and outstanding performance. We stay continually abreast of developments in the sector – especially relating to hybrid mobility and e-mobility – to ensure that we can understand and relate to our customers’ needs in the best possible way.

Innovative approaches for conventional and electric vehicles

Greiner Assistec supplies parts and assemblies for both conventional and electric vehicles.  Along with new equipment options like touch panels, these components often call for innovative approaches. Greiner Assistec stands out here thanks to the wide variety of technologies and materials on offer. We work closely with our customers’ technical departments to give recommendations relating to the construction and development of products, even though the end customer typically determines the final design directly. We can also offer added values by finishing or assembling the parts. Greiner Assistec is IATF certified as well.

The challenges of the automotive market

Competition is fierce in this industry

Numerous providers and suppliers are looking to make their mark in this sector with their products and services. Price plays an important role in the decision-making process. Companies need to meet quality and safety requirements precisely to be considered as suppliers in the first place. Greiner Assistec is capable of satisfying these expectations perfectly – and this puts us in demand as a partner.

The industry is subject to strict regulations

Certifications according to the IATF standard and the standards of the OEMs play a key role. Consideration must be given to the individual needs of each and every producer – for example, with respect to process and product quality as well as packaging and logistics. Greiner Assistec also meets these requirements; our company is IATF certified.

Trends and developments in the automotive segment

An ever-growing number of electric cars, vehicles that are increasingly interconnected, autopilot vehicles, digitalized and networked production, and new materials in the areas of lightweight construction and 3D printing technology are making this an exciting time for the automotive industry. This transformation is ushering in countless opportunities which – provided they are used in a smart way – could enable automobile manufacturers to offer a diverse range of products and services. Meanwhile, consumers benefit from enhanced safety and convenience.

The fact that more and more cars are being equipped with driver assistance systems is having the greatest impact on suppliers, including Greiner Assistec. For example, autonomous vehicles can be fitted with swivel seats, and large screens need to be integrated in the cockpit. New designs and more individual features that are tailored specifically to the customer’s tastes require experienced experts who are capable of taking care of these details.

Greiner Assistec is supporting the industry’s transformation with innovative solutions in the plastics sector. We have made it our mission to provide our customers with the best possible support for the ongoing developments that electromobility and autonomous driving entail. As plastics experts, we are familiar with industry trends and are able to adapt our range of products and services to the relevant situation on a custom basis.

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Examples of best practice: successful projects with system suppliers

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