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08/10/2018 | 4 min read
Andreas Platzer

Magna Steyr / assorted components

The Mercedes Benz G Class is an iconic vehicle. This all-terrain vehicle has been being produced for Daimler at Magna Steyr, formerly known as Steyr-Daimler-Puch, since 1979. The model underwent a big facelift in the year 2018, nearly forty years after the start of production. And Greiner Assistec contributed several essential parts for production: series orders were placed both for the components of the washer water reservoir as well as the front grill, along with production of the entry sill mount.  





Injection molding

Added Values

Hot plate welding

Washer water liquid container:

The items produced include the seven-liter container itself as well as the filler port and the required attachments. The liquid container is manufactured from injection-molded OT and UT parts, and the parts are welded using hot plate welding. The product demonstrates Greiner Assistec’s significance as a system development supplier for Magna Steyr: The container was developed in close cooperation with the client and an external construction office. The prototype development, component testing, and series project implementation were taken over by Greiner Assistec.   

Hood cover grill:

The items produced include two injection-molded parts – the cover grill and its frame. These are welded, then a sealing strip for the assembly on the hood is placed all the way around it, and a sealing strip for waterproofing is placed on the lower edge around the bottom.

Entry sill mount:

This reinforces the entry area and provides protection from breakage. 

We have been working together with Greiner  Assistec since 1999 and currently obtain around 55 series parts for the Mercedes G Class. Years of collaboration show just how much we appreciate the quality and project implementation.

Michael Druml, Global Director Supply Chain Management & Vice President of Procurement & Supply Chain for Magna Europe

Greiner Assistec has been working on the development and production of the new components since 2015. In order to bring the products into mass production, all the component tests were conducted and evaluated in close consultation with Magna Steyr. The series components have been being delivered since May 2018 in batch sizes tailored to their needs, with defined safety stock in reusable packaging provided by Magna Steyr.

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