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Our service for beneficial automation independent from production volume

Plug & Automate

Conventional automation is mainly used where it can be really dedicated to one application. Greiner Assistec changed that! We want to automate our production processes in a smart way. For being independent from utilization, product lifetime, changing product versions and many more.

That’s why we invented SAM-e
 – the easy and flexible way of automating processes.

Modules vs. Toolkit

Modules are a standardized production equipment and provided by Greiner Assistec. There are many different modules with a variety of automation skills available. SAM-e is the head of the automation system, controlling all other modules.

By adding a product specific toolkit the modules are customized for a certain application. Once we want to automate new processes, the only invest is for the toolkit. The automation in terms of our modules is already on the shopfloor.

Modules + Toolkit

Increasing flexibility in production by integrating modular automation with our SAM-e. It simplifies operation, improves production stability, and generates added value for our clients and us. SAM-e combines a wide range of different modules- for multiple applications.

We can utilize SAM-e with a variety of products, to get independent from lot sizes of a single product. A simple, product specific Toolkit needs to be made to adapt SAM-e for a certain application (e.g.: gripper). The automation itself is standardized and provided by Greiner Assistec!

Keeping a long story short: Smart Automation made easy!

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Plug & Automate

Our service for beneficial automation independent from production volume

Your advantages with SAM-e


can be programmed and set-up very easy and fast. This enables us to use our modules flexible in production.


we can build the automation layout with our standardized modules. They can simply be switched from one machine or workstation to another


suitable for low and high utilization. Possibility to add new actions in the automation process.

Smart Automation: a big term, with a lot of meaning!
SMART means for us:

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