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Greiner Assistec is the perfect composition of performance, plastic production, people, and passion

Let's transform your requirements into unique solutions with perfectly engineered plastics parts & components. With our broad technology portfolio and cutting-edge services, we help you maximize your success. The sooner we work together, the more we can move together.

Added Values

Greiner Assistec not only takes charge of customized production, it also finishes plastic parts and assemblies in line with individual specifications. We provide end-to-end solutions from a single source: Added values give parts special characteristics and can be integrated into the overall process.

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Thanks to injection molding technology, it is possible to produce millions of plastic parts cost-effectively and efficiently. In conjunction with these economic advantages, the wide variety of different possibilities in terms of shape and surface structure make injection molding one of the most popular methods of processing plastics. 

The resulting combination of design, color, and function makes thermoforming a sought-after production technology. As an alternative to injection molding, it is characterized by lower tooling costs, and it is particularly cost-effective for small and medium series runs.  We offer single as well as twin sheet processes.

Extrusion blow molding offers a wide range of design possibilities for hollow bodies of different sizes. At Greiner Assistec, we know which equipment particular products require and are therefore able to coordinate products, technologies, processes, and quality standards to achieve optimal results.

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