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Trays & boxes market: smart logistics solutions
Plastic palett
Plastic palett
Transport tray
Transport tray

Greiner Assistec provides the best possible solutions for logistics and packaging problems by producing transport boxes for drive parts and containers for transporting goods both in house and externally. We take care of both the development of the packaging concept as well as the production of the packaging. In addition, we manufacture a standard product – high-quality plastic pallets – for this category.

Greiner Assistec is able to combine various materials and technologies in an ideal way. Our customers in the trays & boxes segment benefit from our end-to-end expertise in Injection molding as well as sheet and plate Thermoforming and combinations of these processes.

The challenges of the trays & boxes market

Greiner Assistec stands for customer-specific solutions. This sector’s challenges therefore consist of making and designing tools, managing projects so they correspond to customers’ exact needs, and keeping pace with the necessary rapid response times. There is also a demand for development expertise in project-specific packaging solutions – and comprehensive quality control, of course.

Trends and developments in the trays & boxes segment

Greiner Assistec offers high-quality solutions for the logistics sector. In the age of Industry 4.0, the requirements placed on technical tolerances are also becoming stricter in this sector – but Greiner Assistec’s broad range of technologies is ideally tailored to the segment’s demands. Customers benefit from our many years of development expertise. Our aim for the future is to create added benefits for our customers by integrating extra smart features in our products in keeping with the concept of smart plastics. The latest trends are moving in the direction of querying specific information on a product’s location and status – for example, with geolocation features or by monitoring the filling level or status of corrosion. We are still in the early stages here, but initial development projects are already being carried out with customers.

Examples of best practice: successfully implemented projects

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