Injection molding in plastics processing

Injection molding: proven manufacturing process for molded articles of all kinds

Injection molding is one of the most commonly used techniques for manufacturing plastic parts. With a wide range of technologies at our disposal, we can respond precisely to our customers’ requirements and preferences and provide them with exactly the right solution they envisage for their particular projects and products. At Greiner Assistec, we have built up extensive experience in the use of injection molding over decades. This allows us to combine the technologies in our portfolio – such as Thermoforming and technical Extrusion blow molding – to achieve optimal results and thereby offer our customers individual solutions.

We also generate added values for our customers by finishing products on an individual basis and bringing different processes together in intelligent ways. For example, printed decorations, laser engraving, or welding can be easily integrated into our processes with the inclusion of automatic quality control.

  • Clamping force of our machines: 25 to 1,350 metric tons (245 to 13,240 kN)
  • Services: Vertical and horizontal injection molding

It is possible to manufacture almost all shapes, even with undercuts, using injection molding processes.

Multicomponent injection molding

At Greiner Assistec we offer both single-component and multicomponent solutions. This second technique allows us to combine different materials, such as plastic and silicone, and manufacture complex shapes with a very high degree of precision. Before we decide upon a solution, our experts carefully analyze the requirements of the particular project. This way, we can be sure of finding the most cost-effective and efficient approach.

Subject to customer requirements, we are able to use different tools to perform multicomponent injection molding operations. These include rotary tables, indexing plate controls, and turning processes.


Versatile, precise, and cost-effective: Overmolding is one of the most frequently used processes in the plastics industry and enables the rapid and economical manufacture of components and assemblies. Thanks to its many years of experience with a wide product range, Greiner Assistec is a pioneer in the industry.
Injection Molding

Gas-assisted injection technology

Gas-assisted injection technology, which is abbreviated to GIT, is used to manufacture hollow workpieces. In the injection molding process, the gas – generally nitrogen – acts as a filler inside the item. The gas escapes once the molten plastic has solidified to leave behind a cavity.

This technology is employed by Greiner Assistec for hollow products with special geometries that cannot be produced in injection molding or blow molding processes. Other products manufactured using gas-assisted injection technology include products where weight savings are desirable – such as handles for power tools and hand tools – handles on oven doors, various functional parts, and even collapsible transport boxes.

In-mold labeling

Adding attractive decoration in just one step: In-mold labeling makes it possible to create surfaces with rough, matte, or glossy properties or to produce soft-touch effects. This process can be used to decorate the entire external contour of the product in photographic quality.

The advantages of in-mold labeling:

  • Optimal print quality
  • Moisture-, temperature-, and scratch-resistant
  • Shrink-proof and tear-proof
  • Optimized production time and cost

Extensive design possibilities

The application of our decoration technology is swift and uncomplicated: A label is inserted into the injection molding tool in which the product is being molded, thereby forming a firm bond with the finished part. By following this method, molding and decorating take place in one process step.

Precision injection molding

There are products that require accuracy to one-thousandth of a millimeter: Their production requires tools that give precision top priority. At Greiner Assistec, technologies, machines, materials, tools, and processes are matched to one another in such a way that our customers can be confident of 100 percent satisfaction.

Greiner Assistec makes use of hybrid machines (a combination of hydraulic and electrical elements) or fully electric machines to guarantee an accurate process. The company primarily produces gear wheels and small parts that require extremely low tolerances owing to their functionalities and are used in copiers and similar devices.


Plastic paletts

Greiner Assistec is specialized on customer-specific projects. Therefore, our range of solutions contains no standardized products with the exception of the Greiner Assistec palett. 
Our pallets are suitable for multi-use application and can handle payloads of up to 1,000 kg. As a conductive variant, our ESD pallet can be used for the transport of electronic components.
Our plastic European-dimension pallets (1200 x 800 x 145 mm) are made of recycled materials. They are light, hygienic, recyclable, and ideal for automatic conveyor systems.
We offer four pallet models, disposable and reusable, with different payloads and including electrically conductive designs.

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Injection molding reference

We are able to boast numerous examples of best practice in injection molding applications, one of which can be found in the automotive sector, for which Greiner Assistec produces various components.

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