Plastic pallets

The lightweight for big challenges
Greiner Assistec offers customer-specific solutions! There are therefore no standard items in our product portfolio, with one exception: our Greiner Assistec pallets, standardized to the highest degree!

Our pallets are suitable for multi-use application and can handle payloads of up to 1,000 kg. As a conductive variant, our ESD pallet can be used for the transport of electronic components. Our plastic Euro pallets (1,200 x 800 x 145 mm) are made exclusively from products of our production processes. They are light, hygienic, recyclable, and ideal for automatic conveyor systems and high-rack storage. And their price-performance ratio is simply unbeatable. 

High-grade granulate, sustainable use

Great both inside and out! To manufacture our high-grade pallets, we only use granulate derived from our own products – recycled material with the quality of virgin material. This makes our pallets quite sustainable. Moreover, the material used is unmixed, and the result is of the highest quality. The use of virgin material also allows us to eliminate impurities, such as food residue, for example. As a result, our plastic Europallets comply with the highest hygiene requirements, and odor emissions of any kind are eliminated.  

Advantages of our plastic pallet compared to wooden pallets

Although the acquisition costs for our plastic pallets are admittedly higher than those for wooden pallets, their excellent properties (among others, hygiene, low net weight, quality, sustainability) not only justify their price, but in the long run, even make our Europallets a much cheaper alternative.

The most important advantages of our plastic pallets are:

  • 50% less net weight, making them easier for employees to handle, and resulting in less fuel consumption during transport
  • Precise Euro measure as per ISO 8611
  • No risk of injury from wood splinters
  • Hygienic and clean production
  • Longer durability
  • Sustainable, thanks to processed high-grade grist
  • 100% recyclable


Highly sensitive medical devices need extremely careful handling. Thanks to their excellent quality, Greiner Assistec plastic pallets offer all-round protection during transport and storage. 


Chemical products often react strongly to their environment. Careful handling during the entire logistics chain is therefore all the more important. Greiner Assistec plastic pallets offer optimal protection with excellent hygiene standards. 


Four billion tons of food are produced annually, in a resource- and cost-intensive manner. The high hygiene and quality standards of Greiner Assistec plastic pallets offer foods the protection they deserve. 


Electronic components are particularly susceptible to damage due to moisture, dust, or electrical discharge, for example. Greiner Assistec plastic pallets offer the ideal protection. Our ESD pallets, in particular, protect against severe discharges. 

Automotive industry

The high dynamics in the automotive industry demand pallets that withstand a great number of cycles. Greiner Assistec plastic pallets score with their durability, thanks to the excellent quality of their material. ESD pallets also protect against electrical discharge. 

Product portfolio

* Please test under individual load distribution, support, and applicable temperature
conditions before series use


Sustainable handling with our raw materials is a particular concern of Greiner Assistec. This is why only recycled plastic material is used to produce our Europallets, and the pallets themselves are also 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life. Their low net weight also allows them to save on CO2 emissions during transport, compared to wooden pallets. Not lastly, thanks to their long life, our plastic pallets are a particularly sustainable alternative for transporting and storing the goods of our customers. 


Greiner Assistec plastic pallets are mostly made of high-grade PP. 
Greiner Assistec offers two types of plastic pallets: A reusable pallet with 1,000 kg payload and a conductive reusable pallet with a payload of 500 kg.
Thanks to the high-grade granulate used to make the pallets, they have exceptionally high quality -- and the resulting durability has led to an unsurpassed price-performance ratio. 

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