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Greiner Visor continues to provide professional protection in the second wave

24/11/2020 | 2 min read
Wolfgang Rotschopf

Greiner Assistec has been supplying the Greiner Visor, a high-quality face covering for various occupations, since the first wave of COVID-19 in spring 2020. The innovative plastic shield provides maximum protection and reduces the risk of infection with COVID-19 in the much-altered world of work.

Now too, in the fall of 2020, the company continues to serve as a reliable supplier of these transparent plastic protective shields:

For us at Greiner Assistec, helping out is the natural response to the ongoing pandemic and the exceptional circumstances throughout Europe. Once again, we are using our plastics expertise and production capacities to play our part in protecting those working on the front lines. We accumulated a lot of relevant know-how in the spring and responded to the situation by bringing the right product to the market at the right time – the Greiner Visor. We are now back to producing more Greiner Visors, which have proven their effectiveness in practice across Europe over recent months.

Wolfgang Rotschopf, International Sales Director at Greiner Assistec

Plastic solution for reliable everyday protection

The Greiner Visor can be used in various fields of occupation. Because it provides Class 1 eye protection in accordance with DIN EN 166 standards, the visor is ideal for medical personnel, ensuring that doctors and nursing staff have the right protection, even when working in direct contact with patients infected with COVID-19. It also offers improved safety for emergency workers in the police, fire service, and civil protection forces as well as for people in other official roles who come into contact with potentially infected citizens. A further area of application is the food supply chain, where the visor protects foodstuffs, employees, and customers alike in dairies, food production facilities, and serving counters in butchers and bakeries.

“The Greiner Visor is and will continue to be our contribution toward overcoming the COVID-19 crisis – for as long as protective measures are necessary and no alternative solutions are available. We believe in sticking together, which is why we are taking on a share of the responsibility for ensuring the safety of people who have a really tough job to do out there,” says Wolfgang Rotschopf, International Sales Director at Greiner Assistec. “Thanks to our expertise in the field of plastics processing, we were able to develop and launch these product innovations quickly in the spring. Our focus now is on keeping the wheels turning by increasing our production capacities flexibly and delivering at short notice. That way, we can help out again in the current situation.”

Greiner Visor

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