The art of mastering complexity

12.01.2023 | 3 Minuten Lesezeit
Raphaela Dopona

The production of customized plastic parts and components is a very broad and diverse endeavor. And it is our duty to ensure that all those single tasks on many levels are processed in the best way possible, to ensure the desired product success in the end. In close cooperation with our customers, we define all the requirements of the plastic product down to the smallest detail.

In the next step, the product development phase, the manufacturing processes are planned precisely. What quantities have to be available at what time period and which production cycle will we follow in the future? Greiner Assistec comes up with the best answer to all of these questions.

We are committed to handling your complex needs with unrivalled expertise 

We harmonize our extensive technological knowledge with our other services. These range, for example, from the assembly of plastic components to finishing according of individual specifications. In doing so, we also draw on our experience and combine this with our highest standard to our technically impeccable expertise.

So the complexity becomes clear: the development of specific solutions is accompanied by a universal and overarching structure that must be mastered. In doing so, we also always keep an eye on the optimal price-performance ratio and can also cover the entire supply chain for the finished assemblies if desired.

Coordination at all levels for the best results at all stages

In the world of rally driver Julius Tannert, parallels open up that are almost entirely comparable with our complex processes. The team is ready for the new challenge of the race track, the car is prepared and optimized for the conditions. Driver and co-pilot then master each section based on their trusting relationship at the best possible speed for their success.

The #greinerperformance describes the capabilities to enable performance, to use high-tech ideally and to build a long-term partnership with our customers. This makes mastering complexity in the production of plastic parts our claim and incentive.


You can take a closer look at the whole #greinerperformance by following this link.

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