“Without my network, I’d still be at the starting line!”

23.03.2023 | 2 Minuten Lesezeit
Raphaela Dopona

For top rally driver Julius Tannert, a finely tuned network is every bit as important as a finely tuned engine. And it’s this supporting network of customers, business partners and sponsors that allows him to perform at his best every time.

Greiner Assistec is one of these sponsors. At Greiner Assistec, all stages of production – from the initial planning to the final product – take place in-house. Moreover, we offer extensive know-how from our internal experts and additionally work with a wide range of long-term partners both nationally and internationally. Through this network Greiner Assistec is able to provide the best possible solutions to its customers.

Just like Julius hand-picks a team of experts for each new racing event, we team up with selected network partners for each new customer project. Collaborating with partners who are innovation leaders in their own fields means that we will always be on the cutting edge of technology. And so will our customers!

When the heat is on, Julius can always rely on the skill and expertise of his co-driver, Frank Christian. In the same way, our customers know that, no matter how  sophisticated the new parts for their latest designs might be, they will always be safe in the hands of Greiner Assistec. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as a co-driver of sorts, providing our customers with the experience and expertise they need to get to the finish line first.

At the end of the day, it’s not only our in-house expertise that really sets us apart from the competition – it’s also our network of expert partners and our ability to collaborate with them on highly complex projects.

As Julius puts it: “Without my network, I’d still be at the starting line!”

And without the innovative power of our network behind us, we at Greiner Assistec would not be able to keep raising the bar with each new product.


A network like Greiner Assistec's is naturally also based on reliability and longevity. Learn more about the importance of long-term partnerships for Greiner Assistec.

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