Long-term partnerships are one focus for Greiner Assistec

07/12/2022 | 3 min read
Raphaela Dopona

“It has always been a particular concern of Greiner Assistec to build and maintain partnerships that are designed for the long term”, Christoph Haselböck, Sales Manager at Greiner Assistec Kremsmünster, says. Our successful collaborations to date have shown that our customers and we get along very well with such constellations and that everyone is satisfied during a long-distance race. But what do you need to shape the future on such a basis? The more significant the interaction is, the more important the intensity of all parties who are involved. In this sense, close friendships are formed in the private sphere, successful sports teams know that there is no “I” in the team, and even the family is a good example of when it comes to personal cohesion, which is a guarantee of stability.  

Christoph Haselböck adds, “In business, Greiner Assistec operates analogously, and to this end, we build trust and stand by our partner’s side at every stage. Specifically, #greinerperformance starts with strategic planning, it then comes to high-quality development, and all of this culminates in the reliable production and delivery of our special plastic parts and components.“ 

The racing team has always provided the best circumstances in all conceivable conditions.

Julius Tannert, Rallydriver

For generations, Greiner Assistec has worked with personal enthusiasm and technical dedication to fulfill the wishes of our partners. In doing so, we take every request seriously, creating a basis of trust that guarantees far-reaching and fruitful cooperation. Just as Julius Tannert works in rallying with a team that interacts in the same spirit, Greiner Assistec provides an individually shaped environment where customers can move with the utmost confidence.  

But how are such values to be derived, and what are the significances of such lasting cooperations? Day by day, Day by day, we develop a greater understanding that leads to a loyalty that one can only wish for. Over a great distance and beyond, a long-term partnership saves time and demonstrably improves results. But a healthy working relationship also means faster turnaround on opportunities for the best performance. And thus, we recognize: Adjustments and optimizations can be implemented without frictional losses.  

Christoph concludes that mastering complex issues in plastics production in combination with natural mentality for high-tech processes are further pillars for Greiner Assistec – the long-term partnerships fuel all cooperations. Challenging tasks are solved quickly, and the experience and willingness to build a hands-on mindset will lead to the mutual goal. 


Learn more about the values we place on our precious collaborations and follow #greinerperformance on all other levels.

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