Top performance through a winning combination

16.02.2023 | 2 Minuten Lesezeit
Raphaela Dopona

The first ‘performance of the month’ in 2023 goes to Greiner Assistec’s brand-new machine, which uses injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) technology to take plastics production to a whole new level. With the implementation of the new machine, it is possible to process BPA free copolyester like i.e. Tritan® at the Polish Greiner Assistec plant in Grodzisk.

In addition to being a market leader in customized plastic parts, Greiner Assistec is also an innovation leader that is always striving to meet customer demands with the best possible technology. With the processing of Tritan®, the company has joined the short list of companies that have the ability to process this raw material.

The potential for outstanding performance lies in both the material and how it is manufactured. The material in question is Tritan®, an excellent substitute for polycarbonate that is used to manufacture many types of containers, with specific requirements like high transparency, high temperature resistance or BPA-free. The new machine is designed to maximize all the advantages of ISBM, allowing tight tolerance limits to be maintained.

This technology will raise the bar for plastics manufacturing in Eastern European markets which means that Greiner Assistec will be ideally positioned to meet the growing needs and expectations of manufacturers in the region.

Greiner Assistec and injection stretch blow molding: performance enablers in the true sense of the word!

The right material and equipment is the prerequisite for being able to perform at your best.

Julius Tannert

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