Planning performance - Enabling performance.

15/12/2022 | 3 min read
Raphaela Dopona

Have you ever heard the term "Performance Enabler" in connection with us?
Together with our colleague Claudia Arsene (Quality Manager at Greiner Assistec Romania) we give you a short insight on why we define ourselves as Performance Enablers and what a cooperation with us means for you and your project.

Claudia: “Performance must be rewarded. To achieve a goal, it is important to focus on the whole way to get there instead of just the final point. When it comes to achieving maximum performance, you have to think several steps ahead than the goal dictates. Only this enables results that exceed expectations. Every sporting and entrepreneurial activity requires ideal preparation and the will to reach the top.“

Further this is what Greiner Assistec and rally sports have in common because this attitude exists in rallying, as it does at Greiner Assistec – in the planning, design and precise production of plastic parts and components for diverse sales markets. Technique and endurance are the basis for mastering the planned route. Winners think beyond that. They prepare for difficulties and, in rally sport, are prepared to take an alternative route if something gets in their way.

Claudia continues: “In addition to the relevant experience, #greinerprformance also includes an overwhelming track record and the everlasting claim to be a Performance Enabler. With every new challenge, it is the individual approach that counts, leading to optimal conception and, finally, successful realization. Just as each race has to be considered individually, Greiner Assistec gives every project the attention it deserves.“

My team is a guarantee of success. And the overall success is the result of individual performances of the highest level.

Julius Tannert, Rallydriver

Rally driver Julius Tannert knows all of this because his job is directly linked to the performance of his co-pilot. This is where the knowledge of two experts merge into something greater and enable the best possible performance. With each new race, a new set-up down to the last detail is necessary, and only then can every turn and every stage be driven with top times.

In the end Claudia says: “Greiner Assistec is thus comparable and stands closely alongside its customers. As a Performance Enabler, individual goals are achieved together. But of course it‘s also about the future relationships that sound development entails. A high level of functionality and the utilization of all technical and economic capacities ultimately lead to what is the true-added value for all parties involved. Let's call it by its name again: the #greinerperformance.“


Learn more about this and high-quality standards from Greiner Assistec and the #greinerperformance.

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