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04/02/2020 | 3 min read
Dominik Eggstein

Solarfocus / combi boilers

The therminator II combi boiler from Austrian company Solarfocus offers a flexible heating solution that also stands out for its clever design and long service life – whether it’s fed by hand with low-cost wood or fueled with pellets, the easy and convenient option. Workmanship and the applied technologies play a key role, especially when it comes to keeping the boiler working reliably while requiring little maintenance. For this reason, the company strives for premium quality both internally and when working with its external partners.

A clever end-to-end solution

One of these partners is Greiner Assistec. The plastic experts are responsible for manufacturing the door of the boiler and have been supplying the complete assembly to Solarfocus since 2013. In 2018, the product was completely redesigned, and the door underwent an upgrade as well. Since then, the door has consisted of an outer plastic component – which is thermoformed – as well as an inner shell made of sheet metal, which is assembled with the plastic part. Greiner Assistec also applies various labels to the outer shell during the assembly process, and the finished component is then supplied to the customer for final assembly. The plastic combination allows for different designs, and the sheet metal alternative means no painting process is required.

The lead time for the unit is around five weeks: Two to three weeks are required for thermoforming and milling, and full assembly then takes one to two weeks on receipt of the supplied sheet metal parts. The latter are produced by an external partner and delivered directly by Solarfocus.






Added value

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Simplified logistics

By working with Greiner Assistec, Solarfocus has a long-standing partner that not only operates in close proximity to the customer but, most importantly, also offers an end-to-end solution that makes logistics much simpler for the customer. The therminator II is primarily marketed in Austria and Germany.

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