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Intelligent solution for smart electricity meters

05/06/2019 | 2 min read
Heinz Kraus

Aclara and Celestica / Smart meters

More and more household appliances are embedded in a communication network, sending and receiving digital data in order to make our homes more comfortable and controllable. Increasingly, households are also equipped with smart meters, which monitor electricity usage. These devices log consumer behavior and enable detailed analysis, which can draw the customer’s attention to any peaks in usage and thereby help reduce electricity consumption.

The Spanish firm Aclara is also involved in changing over the British and Latin American markets to smart electricity meters in cooperation with the Canadian electrical engineering firm Celestica. In turn, Celestica places its trust in the plastics experts at Greiner Assistec. Before manufacture of the component assembly could begin, a complex set of requirements had to be satisfied. Not only did numerous tools have to be carefully adapted to provide an optimal solution, but the team also had to respond flexibly to rising





Injection Molding



Greiner Assistec delivers the components to Celestica, which fits the necessary electronics and then delivers the end product to Aclara. The new smart meters have been available since September 2018 and are marketed in both Great Britain and Latin America.

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