Plate thermoforming, CNC processing

Smart lighting with crowdfunding support

01/04/2019 | 3 min read
Andreas Platzer

Luke Roberts / LED lights

It all started with the idea. In 2014, Robert Kopka and Lukas Pilat gave up their jobs in an international consultancy and founded the start-up Luke Roberts in Vienna. With the help of the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, they collected EUR 410,000 in just 34 days – and there-by not only secured the implementation of their innovative lighting idea, but also established themselves with this result as one of the Top 20 most successful technology projects in Europe. The LED pendant light they developed is the first light in the world with which the direction of light can be set on a smartphone through gestures. Additionally, the light can be provided as direct or indirect light in various colors, thereby creating the desired mood lighting in a room. With just one lamp, many lighting concepts can be simply and cost-effectively implemented, light scenes can be saved and quickly changed using an app. 

The large lamp manufacturers are still far from exhausting the possibilities of LED technology and the Smart Home approach.  We want to fill this gap.

Lukas Pilat, Company founder Luke Roberts

Young company profits from many years of experience

Greiner Assistec is responsible for the production of the lighting fixture covering – these are manufactured, through plate thermoforming technology and CNC processing, from “Satinice Crystal 0F00 DC” perspex glazed on one side. 



Satinice Crystal 0F00 DC


Plate thermoforming

Added value

CNC processing

Optimal light diffusion is essential in lighting solutions. We therefore tested many materials until we were convinced of the results. We have many years of experience in processing perspex and were able to clearly demonstrate our know-how in this project.

Andres Platzer, Sales Manager

The first lamps will be delivered in late 2017, other types of lamps – also with the technology for which a patent application has been filed – are already being planned.

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