Is Julius the rally driver now, or is it me?

25/11/2022 | 3 min read
Raphaela Dopona

Wolfgang Rotschopf, International Director Sales of Greiner Assistec, talks about performance and how much the challenges of his team and those of Julius Tannert, rally driver and face of the #greinerperformance campaign, are similar in everyday life. 

Wolfgang, thank you for taking the time for a quick espresso here at the Greiner Campus. I've just observed you and your rally driver and campaign face Julius Tannert in conversation. You get along very well, don't you? 

Wolfgang: Yes, that's right. I think his and our worlds are just incredibly similar. So similar that I sometimes wonder which one of us is the rally driver. 

For Julius it's the set-up of his car, for us it's the perfect set-up for a successful customer project.

Wolfgang Rotschopf, International Director Sales Greiner Assistec

How exactly do you mean that? 

Wolfgang: On the one hand, there is his uncompromising focus on performance, which I also experience in my daily work. This passion when it comes to getting the best out of something: For Julius it's the set-up of his car, for us it's the perfect set-up for a successful customer project. But also, his everyday life and all the challenges he faces again and again in order to achieve his ambitious goals –these aspects always remind me that it's all very close to what I experience at Greiner Assistec every day... 

Question: - Do you mean your "high-tech, hands-on" mentality? 

Wolfgang: Yes, I think these terms sum it up very strikingly. Julius, like us, is not above putting himself one hundred percent into the service of a cause: For him, it's the targeted best time and nd for us, it's a satisfied customer. And along the way, things can get exciting and turbulent for him as well as for us, even if fortunately, there is less dust, and everything is a bit quieter than for him (laughs). 

Wolfgang, you are the International Director Sales of Greiner Assistec. How specifically does the #greinerperformance campaign with Julius help you to better achieve your own goals? 

Wolfgang: It provides the images and emotions we need to convey our sometimes rather dry information to the counterpart in the best possible way and to remain in the memory at the same time. It also enables our company to communicate more attractively on platforms like LinkedIn. You won't get very far with photos of machines or buildings, no matter how interesting they are in terms of content... 

Question: And what about the effect on the inside, on your team?

Wolfgang (laughs): Just look around! From the first second Julius started his car here on campus, he was surrounded by a staff of all ages and career levels. I'm sure this campaign will also give us the necessary push internally to tackle the next stages into the future at full speed. 


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