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Stabilo: New multipurpose packaging solution for pens

24/09/2020 | 4 min read
Mario Markotic

Greiner Assistec has been proud to count pen manufacturer Stabilo among its customers for many years. And a new packaging solution made by Greiner Assistec for Stabilo pens is now on the market. The Stabilo point 88 sleeve pack is a reusable case for old and new pens alike, and its design comes thanks to DesPro, the in-house design agency at Greiner Packaging.

The goal when developing the new packaging was to create a solution that could be used both as a standard packaging product and for marketing campaigns. To help tackle this challenge, the design experts from Greiner Packaging’s in-house design agency, DesPro, were involved right from the project’s outset. A streamlined, self-contained packaging solution was developed on a collaborative basis. Various sleeves allow the product to be used in different situations. The result is a number of products that have a unique look without requiring any significant changes to be made in production.

It all started with a DesPro workshop

The concept and design for the new Stabilo packaging were created in a joint workshop with participants from Stabilo and DesPro. And the process moved very quickly from the first scribbles to photomontages, 3D designs, and renderings through to the initial prototype.

We were very pleasantly surprised at how quickly we were able to develop our initial ideas in the joint workshop with DesPro. We were impressed both by the designers’ expertise as well as their agile working methods. This allowed us to unleash an incredible amount of creative potential as a team. In the end, everyone was surprised that it only took us a couple of hours to decide on a design for the Stabilo point 88 sleeve packs.

Maren Krieg, sustainability manager at Stabilo

A smart, multipurpose case

But ultimately, the Stabilo case impresses not only thanks to its flexible, elegant design – it can also be reused for different purposes. Once the case has been purchased with the pens inside, it can then be used to hold other writing instruments or items, making Stabilo’s new standard packaging a multipurpose solution. The case can be used for various promotions by replacing the sleeves, making it an extremely flexible vehicle for marketing campaigns as well.

Successful launch in 2020

The practical packaging solution for pens has been available to consumers across Europe since 2020. Recycled materials are a potential development option for the reusable packaging, and initial tests are already underway.


  • Case: Injection stretch blow molding
  • Lid: Injection molding


Various sleeves

  • Case: PET
  • Lid: PP

Designed by the pros

The experts at DesPro – Greiner Packaging's in-house design agency – combine creativity with technical expertise, enabling them to handle the entire packaging development and design process. This results in attractive solutions that look cool while still being highly feasible from a production standpoint. Packaging designs from DesPro also fit the bill perfectly when it comes to everyday functionality and user friendliness. Close collaboration with the customer is a top priority in the design process itself, and a workshop like the one with Stabilo is the best way to get started. This approach guarantees successful results, high cost-effectiveness, and an efficient time to market.

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