Data Pitch Innovation Award for Greiner Packaging

20/11/2019 | 2 min read
Charlotte Enzelsberger

Data Pitch is a project that brings together established companies and start-ups. If you want to survive in today's global market, you must be able to adapt to new circumstances and react to challenges with innovative solutions. Innovative solutions have their origin in the analysis and processing of data.

ODI, the London-based Open Data Institute, explores the value of data for a sustainable economy. Through the targeted and innovative processing of data, positive change processes are to be initiated. With this goal, the ODI carries out a large number of programs, most recently the "Data Pitch Programme".

In this EU-funded program, companies and start-ups were brought together (11 companies, 47 start-ups). – The companies provided data and the start-ups defined new ways to process this data. This cooperation enables out of the box thinking. The startups question established company processes and develop new, innovative approaches and applications. At the end of the Data Pitch Program, three participants were honored for their commitment during the program. In the "Corporate Innovation" category, Greiner Packaging was chosen. Christian Mittermayr, who managed the project on behalf of GPI, received the award in London on November 12.

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