Greiner Packaging to close its location in St. Gallen, Styria

06/10/2020 | 1 min read
Ute Kliemstein

Some 100 employees are affected and a socially acceptable solution is being sought.

Kremsmünster/St. Gallen, 6 October 2020. The Assistec production plant in St. Gallen, Austria, which has been subject to economic problems for quite some time, will probably be closed at the end of Q3/2021. In spite of comprehensive restructuring measures and numerous investments during past years, the international viability of the location could no longer be sufficiently guaranteed in what is an increasingly demanding, competitive environment. Moreover, owing to the high percentage of customers from the automotive industry, the current COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a considerable deterioration in the general economic conditions for the plant.

A social plan for the workforce
The plant closure affects a total of around 100 employees and in this difficult situation they should be offered the best possible support. Accordingly, efforts will be made to make them job offers for other locations both within Greiner Packaging and the Greiner Group. In addition, a plan is to be drawn up to provide a socially tolerable alternative for all those involved.

We are well aware that this step is extremely painful for the colleagues in question and therefore we will resolve this difficult situation with great sensitivity. We are making every effort to find substitute employment for the personnel concerned within the group and are preparing a scheme that offers the most acceptable social solutions.

Ute Kliemstein, Group spokesperson

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