Effortless opening

23/03/2017 | 2 min read
Mario Markotic

Edgewell / Blister

Whether they be electronic gadgets, tools or hygiene products: Display packaging – or blisters – enjoy great popularity in retail: The packaged product is ideally protected, standardized brackets facilitate presentation and inventory and, because of their transparency, they also allow the customer an initial view of the packaged object even before the purchase. A sealed blister also provides a “tamper-proof” seal. 

The Edgewell company relies on these aspects with its Personna brand name in the Czech Republic. Safety razors are being distributed in blister packaging, with the solution implemented by Greiner Assistec. This offers consumers a significant advantage: a tear perforation that makes opening the package child’s play. While many heat-sealed blisters often require the use of scissors or knives, no tools are needed, thanks to the perforation. This eliminates the risk of injury and also saves time when opening the packaging.



PET GAG clear



The consistent product quality and excellent project ma-nagement were what convinced us in particular to decide on Greiner Assistec. Their vast experience in thermoforming is noticeable in the quality, and that was very important for us.

Jan Vorlíček, Packa-ging Manager at Edgewell

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