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Superior quality – right from the start

10/05/2018 | 2 min read
Rene Meussel

Greiner Bio-One / Septum

Suppliers, particularly those in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector, are required to satisfy the highest quality standards. The fact that Greiner Assistec, which has only been in the market for silicone injection molding since the summer of 2015, was chosen by Greiner Bio-One as project partner for a fully automated cell culture product is impressive and proves the production and implementation capability of the plastics experts in this sector.

The item being produced for Greiner Bio-One Germany is a septum, which is a sterile barrier that is a component in an end product. The end product is being supplied predominantly to international clients in the pharmaceutical industry. The septum is pre-slit for multiple injectability, thereby ensuring the sterility of the fl ask content during filling or removal.





Injection molding

Greiner Assistec convinced us when it came to security of delivery and price stability – and having the right quality is of course the top-most priority in our sector.

Philipp Pfirrmann, Greiner Bio-One

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