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20/01/2023 | 4 min read
Raphaela Dopona

Stay in motion and take initiative

High-tech and hands-on is the heart of our #greinerperformance campaign. Greiner Assistec is known for reliable technology and systems that combine attention to detail with the very best performance. Greiner Assistec is absolutely committed, takes action, and has the courage to confront even the toughest challenges, delivering in any situation.

How can we find the best solutions in the shortest possible time when it comes to producing customized plastic parts and components for our customers? Practical expertise is also a key requirement. Therefore, we talked to our colleague Philipp Pirafelner, who will give us some insights in his daily work.

Hello Philipp, as a Global Senior Expert Technology Integration, you are working in a technical environment.
Can you tell us: How is it possible to ensure the perfect balance between customer requirements, effectiveness, and sustainability (of the customer)?

Philipp: My clear answer: With the right team. But the team here goes beyond our company boundaries. So, the customer's team also plays an important role. A partnership between the customer and us promotes the balance. I've had the opportunity to work on many great customer projects where this kind of cooperation has taken place, which makes my work even more fun.

“We have a great network that allows us to provide the best possible solution to the customer.”

Philipp Pirafelner, Global Senior Expert Technology Integration

What are the biggest challenges in the process leading up to the finished product and how do you overcome them?

Philipp: There are many different challenges in the combination of several technologies for a certain production. At Greiner Assistec, we have a great network that allows us to provide the best possible solution to the customer. I am one of those, who manage and expand our network so that we can offer the right technology for the right challenge.

How do you and the team react to changes in the ongoing process?

Philipp: This is our daily business; things are changing all the time. There is no uncertainty that emerges. Changes are a necessity if you want to provide high-tech solutions. We always need to adapt in order to be up to date.

What does High-Tech and Hands-on mean to you in the work process?

Philipp: High-Tech means to have the know-how about different production technologies. Whereas, Hands-on describes the responsibility to find the right solution for a specific task. Together with my colleagues at our sites and external partners, we have a great network for providing tailor-made solutions. Therefore, High-tech and Hands-on are not mutually exclusive. Rather, it results in an optimal interplay to successfully complete our customer projects.

That reminds me of the rally driver Julius Tannert. In his team, it’s all about top performance, too.

Philipp: Yes, you can see that also with Julius and his team members. They’re immediately active when it comes to new adjustments or quick repairs. And on every new track, the coordination between pilot and co-driver must be optimal, because there’s always something unexpected ahead.

For you, #greinerperformance is more than just a tagline. Because you work with high performing technologies for plastics production every day and are committed to achieving outstanding results. Is that how you see it?

Philipp: Absolutely. Our business is based on precision and is strongly goal oriented. For me and the team, this clearly means that we’re involved in every project with enthusiasm and commitment.

“For me and the team, this clearly means that we’re involved in every project with enthusiasm and commitment.”

Philipp Pirafelner, Global Senior Expert Technology Integration

Thank you, Philipp, for the insights into your job that you’ve given us. It allows us to understand what kind of mindset and tenacity is required in the day-to-day production process.


If you’d like to know more about #greinerperformance or the skills of Julius Tannert’s rally team, you’re welcome to follow this link.

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