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11/11/2022 | 3 min read
Raphaela Dopona

Last autumn, Greiner Assistec initiated a process to raise its in-house corporate communication to a new emotional level. The result is #greinerperformance – an exciting and memorable campaign that "tells everything that makes us tick at Greiner Assistec", says Karl Berger, Vice President Greiner Assistec.

The special feature: A storyline that not only focuses on the company itself but also repeatedly creates striking parallels and analogies to a world that is amazingly comparable to that of Greiner Assistec. We are talking about the world of rally driver Julius Tannert, who is now being accompanied by on his way to success as part of the #greinerperformance campaign.

How do you come up with the idea of associating an industrial company like Greiner Assistec with an emotional topic like rallying - by using more or less all communication channels?

The foundation for the campaign concept of the agency proteco, which specializes in B2B campaigns of this kind, was laid last autumn at a joint workshop in Zlin, a Greiner Assistec plant in the Czech Republic. Greiner Assistec sat down with the agency here and worked out the points that represent the company's USP. Afterward, a transparent matching process resulted in an ideal match with the rally world of Julius Tannert. The rest is the #greinerperformance campaign, which essentially stages Greiner Assistec rally analogies in terms of content.

These points make us the rally drivers among industrial plastic parts producers:

Long-term partnership: At Greiner Assistec, as in rallying, nothing works without a trusting network of long-term partners – be it service partners, loyal customers, or sponsors in rallying.

Mastering Complexity: Greiner Assistec and rally drivers share the insight that success is complex but can be planned if you know and optimize its individual parts. Only those who are able to recognize the big picture in detail and develop it in the right direction will achieve their goals.

Performance Enabler:
Similar to rallying, in the production of industrial plastic parts, it is not just pure performance that decides victory or defeat, but the individually appropriate set-up. Thus, both Julius Tannert and Greiner Assistec have to prepare and align themselves optimally for each "rally" - each project - to be successful.

High Tech & Hands on: Perhaps the most important attributes that connect both worlds. The ability and absolute willingness to give everything when it counts: To put 100% of one's possibilities at the service of the cause and, in case of doubt, to lend a hand to oneself.


Explore the similarities between the exciting rally sport and our technical solutions. Click here to learn more about the outstanding #greinerperformance campaign

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