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Injection molding process results in practical logistics solution

23/04/2019 | 3 min read
Andreas Platzer

Miba / Reusable packaging

Durable and resilient, with exact dimensions – logistics solutions in particular are often subject to highly precise specifications. That’s why Austrian industrial and technology company Miba turned to its long-standing partner Greiner Assistec when it came to producing a plastic tray for transporting sintered components. The company responded by realizing a transport tray equipped with a nonslip mat. This mat consists of a plate coated with TPU on both sides, which prevents the high-precision and high-strength components from sliding. Greiner Assistec punches the tray and affixes two yellow labels, which include sequential numbering, the product number, and a QR code for Miba’s internal product information system.

End-to-end solution

The tray was produced using the injection molding process – the first time the technology had been used on a Miba project. The injection molding tool was designed to include interchangeable inserts of appropriately high quality so that various tray heights could be produced using a single tool in the future.





Injection Molding

Added values


The version that has now been realized has a height of 37 millimeters, and the reusable packaging for internal use at Miba can bear a load of 7.5 kilograms. All of the customer’s requirements were taken into consideration during production – thereby guaranteeing that the container can be handled using fully automatic methods.

“We know that we can rely on solutions from a single source when we work with Greiner Assistec. We had only one contact partner from the development of the trays through their series supply – and that’s how we think it should be."

Lukas Buchner, Project leader MIBA

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