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Added value in the high racks

24/10/2016 | 2 min read
Andreas Hofer

Greiner Assistec / Plastic pallets

When it comes to customertailored solutions for complex challenges, Greiner Assistec is the expert. For that reason, it does not stock any standard products other than plastic pallets. Compared to traditional wooden pallets, the Greiner Assistec pallet has numerous advantages. It is about 50 percent lighter, and because it does not absorb any moisture, it is considerably more durable than a wooden pallet. The fact that they are manufactured to precise European dimensions ensures smooth handling in conveyor systems. 

A total of four types of plastic pallets are offered by Greiner Assistec, differentiated by weight as well as loading capacity, depending on the mixture of materials. The so-called ESD pallet (electronic discharge) is a special product; it is a conductive reusable pallet that is particularly well-suited for sensitive products in the automotive, electronic, and chemical industry. It reliably prevents buildup of static electricity and discharges any charges already present. Its load capacity in high rack storage is up to 1,000 kilograms at room temperature.  



1.200 x 800 x 145 mm


100% hochwertiges PP Mahlgut aus eigener Produktion

Types of plastic pallets
  • Premium palett (13,5 kg)
  • Medium palett (12,5 kg)
  • Light palett (12 kg)
  • ESD palett (13 kg)

Practical and sustainable

The Greiner Assistec plastic pallets thus cover a wide range of customer needs for reusable or heavy duty export pallets, and at an excellent price-performance ratio at that. Thanks to their skids, all pallets from Greiner Assistec are suitable for use in high rack storage. Greiner Assistec manufactures the pallets from recycled materials. High-quality reclaimed material from lead frames for Greiner Packaging plastic cups are used, for example. The fi nished plastic pallets themselves are also 100 percent recyclable. This makes them not only practical, but also quite sustainable. The lack of wood splinters and chips reduces the risk of injury during handling and makes the plastic pallet a particularly good hygienic alternative. And thanks to its grid pattern, the pallet is very easy to clean. 

Plastic pallets

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