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09/05/2019 | 2 min read
Andreas Platzer

Greiner Assistec stands for end-to-end solutions from a single source – and this is also backed up by the company’s cooperation with Austrian green tech firm M-TEC, which places a special focus on developing and producing high-efficiency geothermal heat pumps. Greiner Assistec is responsible for the housing of the heat pumps. It supplies the entire assembly, including the audio foam on the inside of the exterior shells. When compared with alternatives, the plastic pump housing distinguishes itself thanks to a number of advantages: The integrated plate material gives the surface of the plastic a premium look, making lacquering unnecessary and opening up more design options. The material is also lighter, which reduces the overall weight of the heat pump.

But that’s not all: While the exterior shells of many housings are sealed with silicone seams, Greiner Assistec uses a silicone sealing strip that was specially designed for this application as a sealer. In addition to making the pump more water repellent, this also gives it an especially attractive look – an essential requirement for products that are situated outside the home.

The housing is produced by Greiner Assistec and the audio foam by sister company Eurofoam. As a result, the entire assembly can be supplied by a single source.



ABS UV stabilized
silicone sealing strip
audio foam


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